Saturday, 23 December 2017

Parmelina pastillifera

Many, many years ago, in the dim and distant past,  I used to lump all large grey foliose lichens growing tree branches, wood or  acid rock as "Parmelia saxatilis" - (Crottle or Stony Rag). ("Large" means having lobes that are greater than 7mm wide). 

O lazy, lazy me.

But nowadays I am more discerning.

Parmelina pastillifera

Parmelia saxatilis

This post is devoted to stories of my findings of Parmelina pastillifera. This species was uncommon once, but like many other lichen species it is spreading as the air has much less SO2 pollution now.
 Differences between the two species:

Parmelina pastilliferaParmelia saxatilis
No pseudocyphellae on thallus
Pseudocyphellae present (=whitish ridges on the thallus) 
Isidia presentIsidia present (= lots of wart like projections that are a means of vegetative reproduction.)
The isidia are black/dark blue and are button shaped (mushroom shaped- a dark blob on a narrower stalk.) and thinly scattered on the thallusThe isidia are grey or dark grey, and finger tip shaped and are on the older parts of the thallus and can be very concentrated and numerous if the thallus is old.
Lobes indented with rounded axils

This is what it says on the Last Dragon web site:

A foliose lichen forming rosettes, lobes grey to blue-grey, often brownish towards lobe margins (as in Hypotrachyna), slightly lustrous, surface faintly marbled, usually developing conspicuous, button-like, blue-black or black isidia; apothecia apparently unknown in Britain. Widespread and locally frequent, especially in the south and west, generally on nutrient-rich bark, sometimes on rocks and other substrates.

I first discovered Parmelina pastillifera on a Rowan Tree on the grass triangle area beside the bridge beside Horton in Ribblesdale church in 2014, and keyed it out.  

The following year I attended Allan Pentecost's course at Malham Tarn Field Centre. We were delighted to find it on the moribund Slapton Minibus at Malham Tarn Field Centre beside High Stables. He pointed out that it was a new record for the Field Centre, and for the hectad (10 km square).

The minibus remained there for two years - serving a useful storage function for Field Centre bits and pieces, and possible minibus parts, and an excellent beautiful example of colonisation substrate with wonderful textures

- but it may have gone now.

Pictures from August 2015:

Location of the van:

Vans in the foreground. It was the van on the right as you look at it. See Allan and students in the background studying scree looking for Farnoldia lichen

See vans in background by High Stables

Parmelina pastillifera on van

Parmelina pastillifera on van

Parmelina pastillifera on van

Snail trail on van

Pictures of the same van in November 2016:

Campylopus introflexus (From Australia)- this moss gets everywhere

I think this photo is a splendid example of different textures .. from the snail tracks to the reflection of the trees in the window
Don't you?
See how the algae are increasing

In my jogging / walking locally I have seen it on the stone wall on the road at Knight Stainforth, just near above the cafe.

The YNU trip to Marwick in Swaledale I stopped at some trees by the river Swale. and discovered Parmelina pastillifera's sister species: Parmelina tiliacea, P.tiliacea has isidia that are coraloid rather than button shaped.

Finally whilst going for a botany walk this December 2017 with members of PBA-Applied Ecology we found it on the gate just opposite the road from their office.

I saw the big foliose grey lichen and thought "Right, I'll show them the very common Parmelia saxatilis, it will be useful for them to know.

But lo, it turned out to be Parmelina pastillifera

P pastillifera on gate opposite PBA - Stackhouse Lane, 1/2 mile from Giggleswick/Settle

P pastillifera on gate opposite PBA - Stackhouse Lane, 1/2 mile from Giggleswick/Settle

Friday, 22 December 2017

40 Teashops & Eating places within 2.6 miles of Settle

Fancy a cup of coffee? You're in luck at Settle. 

42 Places within 3 miles of Settle!!   .. and the total is growing ..

Happy Christmas and Best wishes for the New Year to all who come to Settle and to all who vistit this blog post!

I list all 42 lower down this post.  - I keep adding a place every few weeks.

 Place Number 13: Settle Railway Station. On Sat 9th Dec there were mince pies and sherry  at 10am onwards -and the chance to hear Settle Voices singing folk carols at 10am  before they set off  on the train for Ribblehead 


Right: Enjoying the Christmas Food at Settle Station Open Day 2016

Above: 10 December 2016 - Jumpy filming - but meaningful words

Below: 13 Dec 2014 - this makes a good story. 

Pen y Ghent will be white like this on 9 Dec.
(It is long so you may wish to skip the middle two thirds.)

Then in the afternoon (not sure what time) they'll be joined by Lakeland Voices and be singing in...

the Lion -


Place number 1: St John's Tuesday coffee  mornings 10-12

Place number 1: Settle Methodist Church BD24 9JH
: 10am-12midday - There is coffee every Tuesday - but the first Tuesday of the month it is always for charity

(N.B. No coffee morning on Boxing Day but there will be Tea Afternoon this Thursday 2.30pm 28 Dec)


Place number 42: Coffee available from 5.30am!! - Lamberts: Newsagents on the Marketplace: 

 Lamberts has an outside  Notice board with small adds.

It's Settle FlowerPot Festival time of year - and Lamberts has a Liquorice Allsort Man!.

Place number 41: Opened on 27 June 2017: The Courtyard Dairy

Upstairs is the cafe
The shop
 This is 3.4 miles from the centre of Settle - so maybe not within the 2.6 mile definition.. But it's such a fine place I must include it:
See my blogpost 

Place number 40:-. Brand new Opened on 21 June 2017: The Coffee- House at The Folly
This picture was taken on 19 June -
as the electricians make final touches
to the new Coffee-house

Inside a Sneak preview
picture taken two days before opening:-
There are two coffee rooms.. 

Ivy-leaved Toadflax growing near the door.

Place number 13. Settle Railway Station
Shop at Settle Railway Station -
serve Drinks of Tea and Local Ice-cream

Place number 20: 3 Peaks (Cycle Shop) Cafe

Three Peaks Cycle shop -New  Cafe -
Opening times || Picture of inside of cafe
Place number 8:. The Singing Kettle, Settle
The Singing Kettle, Settle

5.  Poppies Tea Room

Poppies Tea Room


We may be losing our local schools and petrol stations (and even pubs) .. but ..

Settle residents and visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to partaking of tea or coffee.

Early-late evening meals: 16 places within 2.6 miles of Settle 

Cup of tea/coffee/cakes on a Tuesday morning within Settle itself (excluding even Giggleswick): 17 places (or 20 including take-aways).  Not bad for a resident population of c.4500 (including Settle, Giggleswick, Langcliffe and Stainforth)

Places nearby but outside Settle include (distances from Settle Market Place) : The Courtyard - 1.7 miles, Craven Arms (1.3 miles) The Knights Table. Little Stainforth (2.6 miles), The Craven Heifer, Stainforth (2.4 miles)

A big thank you to all the visitors who support our shops!!!.


6. Settle Down Cafe

Settle Down Cafe

Tuesday Mornings only:-
  1. Settle Methodist Ch. Tuesday Coffee Morning 10-12
  2. Settle Angl Ch. Tuesday Coffee & Lunches 10-13.30
  3. Traidcraft Tuesday 10-12 Friends Meeting House
  4. Victoria Hall  Tuesday 10.00-15.00 Coffee and Bacon Butties.

    Sunday Afternoons only:-
  5. Langcliffe Teas in Summer - Langcliffe Inst  2-4.30pm. *****

    All Week Days, and sometimes Sundays:-
  6. Lay of the Land Garden Centre 
  7. Poppies Tea Rooms   10.00-15.00  (Wed Closed)
  8. Singing Kettle
  9. Naked Man Cafe             Longridge ice-cream
  10. Settle Down Cafe
  11. 3 Peaks Cycle Shop Cafe
  12. Limestone View Cafe
  13. Settle Railway Station
  14. The Fisherman 11.30-20.30
  15. Fish and Chip Shop Cafe at the Shambles 11.30-19.30 (Cafe) 11.30-20.30 (shop). Yorks Tea
  16. Watershed Mill (really in Langcliffe Parish)
  17. Car and Kitchen
  18. Bar 13  3pm-11pm Internet Cafe
  19. The Falcon Hotel
  20. The Folly Coffee-House 9.30am - 4.30pm Mon- Sat and 10.30am - 4.30 on Sunday

  21. Talbot Arms - open all day
  22. The Royal Oak   Lunch 12-2.30pm and evenings
  23. The Lion  All Day

    Take Away:
  24. Forage and Feast      9-3.30pm M,T Th,F  9-1pm W, Sa
  25. Settle (Coop) Petrol Garage 7-11pm 
  26. Booths - Coffee
  27. Lambert's newsagents on the Market Place 5.30am-5pm

    Take Away / Evening restaurants:
  28. Dales Pizza 824411 Take Away and Delivery
  29. Ruchees
  30. R. Spice - Indian on the Market Place    5-10pm F, Sa 5-11pm
  31. China Choice - Take away (no tea/coffee)  825825  5pm-11pm (Fri,Sa -middnight)
  32. Italian - Basement of the Shambles    824929 (5-9pm). Summer June-Aug also 12-3pm)
  33. Griddle and Sizzle     5-9pm T,Th,Fr,Sa,Su  M,T closed. 822277
  34. Little House              W,Th, F, Sa, Su from 6pm Closed Mo Tu 823963
  35. The Craven Arms     (weekends and evenings) 
  36. The Black Horse 
  37. The Hart's Head        12pm-9pm
  38. The Tuck shop -        Well Ice cream--  and Fizzy drinks - no coffee,

    Within three miles of Settle:  
  39. The Courtyard
  40. Knights Table - Little Stainforth    BD24 0DP 822200 9.00-21.00
  41. The Craven Heifer, Stainforth
  42.  The Courtyard Dairy, Beyond north end of Settle Bypass  LA2 8AS - View: Google Maps.

Population (2011 Census) Settle:2560 Giggleswick 1270, Langcliffe: 231 (total S,G,L: 4061) 
Stainforth: 231. We also have two large caravan sites (not included)

The Talbot Arms has just had its doorposts painted for you.

Enjoy the beer garden at the back of the Talbot

Post first started 24 May 2017 but is frequently updated - latest update: 12 July

Sunday, 17 December 2017

NWNU Mosses and Lichens Walk from Penyghent Gill to Slit Cave and Snorkel Cave

11 November 2017: The North West Naturalists Union Lower Plants group organises a trip once a month. Occasionally they get across into Yorkshire.  In fact this trip is conveniently in the catchment of the River Wharfe so that it can form part of Gordon Haycock's survey of the Mosses of Wharfedale.
Studying mosses as we leave the cars 
at Pen-y-ghent Gill near Giants Grave.

On the way we search for Zygodon gracilis  It does look like other Zygodons but is a bit bigger.
As we study mosses in a wet flush, a fleet of four  four-wheel drives go past.

A lichen on limestone

Cladonia pyxidata on acid rock in wall

Look how there are more lichens on the tops of the wall. The stones here are mostly sandstone from the Yoredale series, with occasional limestone stones included. See the sheepfold lower down. We will later have lunch on the green grass in the shelter of the wall near the sheep fold.

Splendid fossil in the wall - Colonial fossils

More fossils
Here is some Hypogymnia on sandstone
Physcia dubia
See how the mosses are growing below the post.  
This repeated itself all the way along the wall, 
over and over again.

I know! It is because birds perch on the posts 
and add extra nutrients

Indeed look what is growing on the post - The filamentous alga Klebsormidium crenulatum! It is growing on the SE side - but also on the "underside" of the sloping post, where more water and nutrients may drain to.

And on the top wall stone - evidence of birds themselves

With a piece of Xanthoria parietina (orange lichen)

We descended past Slit Cave - Those slippery wooden slats on the stream bed at the left of the picture cover..  a hole.

I find this strange fungus - Cordyceps - growing out af an insect it has parasitized

Her is bird's-eye Primrose - on 11 11 2017 -November!!

And we continue down, down down the side gill

Another lichen

And another on the first tree we have come across, at the bottom of the gill - Hypogymnia physodes.

We meet the Penyghent Gill Stream at the bottom and then have a long vigorous 3km walk back along the side of the gill whilst daylight lasted. I slither to a horizontal position in the mud at one point objecting violently..( but it does mean that I later give my jacket a long needed wash) We return to the cars as night falls.  Thank you  Gordon for organising the event and thank you to the others - Mike, Sam and Clare for coming.